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In this web page, You will see a list of foot models for this upcoming party. Models that have been continuing to attend the party to new foot models. So pick the ones you like and meet them in person for a one on one foot play session.

Foot Party List June 10,, 2023 Contact Us Mail: Elegantbarefeetevents@gmail.com?subject=Foot Modeling for ElegantBareFeet&body=Full Name:


Shoe Size: 

Are you to model for our foot party events or photo/video shoots?:

Have you ever been to previous foot parties? if yes which ones?

Do you have experience in foot modeling on camera?

Can please attach one face/body photo image and 3 images of your feet showing front toes and the bottom soles please: FOOT MODELS WANTED! New Model Shoe size: 8.5 Bri New Model Shoe size: 7.5 Yulissa Las Vegas New Model Shoe size: 8.5 Savanna