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  1. Must be 18 yrs or older to attend
  2. Must have pretty feet and well taken care of. Ladies with smelly feet are also acceptable.
  3. Experience and un-experience foot models are always welcome - this means new girls, single mothers, foot models, porn stars, female dommes, and strippers
  4. Race and body size and height is not an issue. As long as  you look physically healthy it’s fine with me.
Foot Party girls

Here is a great way for ladies to make some extra cash by simply having men kiss and adore your feet here at the foot parties. If you are a first timer and are curious to know how this foot party works, Then I’ll tell you what really goes on at our Elegantbarefeet foot fetish parties.

Our foot parties are always located in very private  and safe locations wherever we host an event. Safety is one of our biggest concern specially with the foot girls. Once a new foot girl arrives at the foot party, foot fetish person will approach you asking for a “foot session”. These sessions do come with a time limit of 10 minutes. But before you start the foot session. There will be individual curtained rooms to choose for a one on one play foot session. Once the session is over then you can step out the session room and mingle with the crowd and wait for any other person to ask for a session all over again.

First, I will start by saying that every foot party I host are all about the female feet and we also welcomed other fetishes. But what we don’t  condone are any illegal sexual acts inside the event. This means there is no sexual intercourse, footjobs, oral sex and all of that nature. This is not a strip club or a prostitution location.  I want to maintain a clean and memorable foot party for everyone to enjoy

Many foot fetishist do have a specific love for the female feet. The majority of them are into:

* foot worship -this is where fetishist interact with the feet in kissing, licking and sucking

* Foot Smelling- The majority of foot fetishist love to smell the natural foot aroma straight out of the shoes.

* Foot Trample - Ladies get to stand on top of the fetishist body.

* Nylons, socks and stockings- Some like the feeling and the foot odor scent it carries.

Come and be part of the  party And have men worship your  feet. New to the foot party? How girls get paid.

Here is the major question most girls ask. How am I going to get paid! This is very simple. Guys with foot fetishes that also attend the party are going to be the one who will be paying your time with your feet. I always use 2 optional foot session price rate.

*Option 1 $20 dollars / 10 minute

*Option 2  $10 dollars / 3 minute session

Girls can make up to $300 or more depending how well they do. Not all girls do get to hit that top number. But if you think you can make it. Then why not give it a try and see if it works for you. Where else would you get paid by doing nothing and having men adore your feet?

If you have any questions about the session prices please do contact me for more details.

New Girls signing form

1. No Sexual Activity inside the party: to start of, this is our number one rule. So there will be no sexual act that can be considered  inappropriate . ( No footjobs, handjobs, sex intercourse, or pulling your junk out).  This is a foot party and we only focus on the female feet. (Foot kissing, licking, trampled, massage, smelling, ).  failing to follow this rule is considered a verbal warning. The second time you break the rule  then  we will have to escort you out of the party.  This is no joke.. We definitely mean it!

2. Respect everyone inside the party specially the foot models: a.There will be no fighting or arguing causing a loud scene  anywhere around the property. B. Respect every foot model . This also goes to all the models and respect the fellas.

3. No scamming or misleading: Let’s keep the foot session donation rate simple.

4.No video recording and/or Photo Camera snap shots. Cell phones are allowed inside the party but taking photos or videos is prohibited.  This includes anywhere the property even  inside the sessions rooms.

5.No Illegal Drugs. Any one who is using any illegal drug and is acting in a strange peculiar way then that person will be banned from the foot party ( With Alcohol and medicinal  marijuana are only allowed to bring)


Read our foot party policy rules Have trouble signing up? Email

Foot Party Girl Application

Please send me face/body/feet images that i can use to promote you on this site. If you don't want to show face then a body picture can be fine.

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