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A Foot Party in the valley, inside a cozy and chill small apartment. This is perfect for those that like to enjoy feet in a laid back with soft tone music environmental place. Whether in a foot session or mingling with other girls. Come experience our small foot party.

When: Saturday, January 8th 2022

Where: Calabasas California

Time: 8:00 pm to 4:00 am

Entry Fee: Prepay $40 or At Door $50

Foot session donation: $20 /10 minutes

Food and Snacks: Pizza, Cheese bread and brand chips

Beverages: Water, Soft drinks and for Alcohol it’s BYOB

Private Rooms: 2 private rooms and 1 tent  divided into 2 rooms

Every foot party should have rules and regulations so here is the EBF foot party rules.

  1. There will be no type of sexual activity that has to do with sex intercourse, footjobs, handjobs, blowjobs or anything that has to do or around the genital area. This is a fetish party and we plan to keep it this way.
  2. Respect everyone specially the foot models in or anywhere around the party.
  3. No video or photo camera allowed inside the party. There is absolutely no taking pictures inside the party. Everyone wants to attend these parties discreetly and everyone should respect that. Now, if a foot model is ok for you to take  a snap shot only to her then you can do it with your own personal cell phone.
  4. No illegal drugs

These rules above only applies for the Calabasas Lounge Foot Fetish Party.  

Foot Party Rules
Miss V Koer Luna Lacey Bella Zizi Katie Ruby Donna Marisol Tatiana Miss Venus Lux Miss Kalypso